Hearing – David Bain v The State of Trinidad & Tobago

2 May 2019
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May 7, 2019 10:00 - 13:00

Hearing - David Bain v The State of Trinidad & Tobago

David Bain, a national of Grenada, alleges that his right to freedom of movement was infringed when he was refused entry into Trinidad and Tobago. Mr. Bain, who is also a citizen of the United States, presented his US passport on arrival from Grenada, but was refused entry by immigration officials after he was questioned about past arrests for narcotics, which he strongly denied. During the incident Mr Bain presented a Grenadian Driver’s Licence and National Identification Card but was nevertheless detained overnight and sent back to Grenada. After granting special leave, the Court ordered a preliminary hearing on certain issues relating to the effect of Mr. Bain presenting his US passport to immigration officials and whether his presentation of a Grenadian Driver’s Licence or National Identification Card was sufficient to establish his Grenadian citizenship for the purpose of invoking the right to freedom of movement as a CARICOM national.