RJLSC Recruitment Update

1 Mar 2019

Recruitment Update

Position Deadline Date Status
Member, Caribbean Community Administrative Tribunal 28-Jun-19 Shortlisting Completed
Communication and Information Manager 17-May-19 Interviews in Progress
Communications Consultant 29-Mar-19 Receipt of Applications Closed

“The Regional Judicial and Legal Services Commission (Commission) was established pursuant to Article V of The Agreement Establishing the Caribbean Court of Justice (The Agreement). Article V(3) of the Agreement outlines:

(1) The Commission shall have responsibility for:

(a) making appointments to the office of Judge of the Court, other than that of President;

(b) making appointments of those officials and employees referred to in Article XXVII and for determining the salaries and allowances to be paid to such officials and employees;

(c) the determination of the terms and conditions of service of officials and employees; and

(d) the termination of appointments in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.


(2) The Commission shall, in accordance with the Regulations, exercise disciplinary control over Judges of the Court, other than the President, and over officials and employees of the Court.”