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Appeal from the Court of Guyana CCJ Appeal No. GYCR2018/001 Between MARK FRASER v THE STATE
JUDGMENT of the Honourable Justice Saunders, Presidents and the Honourable Justices Wit, Anderson,Barrow and Jamadar

Delivered by
The Honourable Mr. Justice Jamadar


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Original Jurisdiction

Original Jurisdiction CCJ Application No. TTOJ2018/001 Trinidad Cement Limited Claimants And The State of Trinidad and Tobago Defendant And Rock Hard Distribution Limited Intervener And Mootilal Ramhit and Sons Contracting Limited Intervener Original Jurisdiction CCJ Application No. TTOJ2018/002 Trinidad Cement Limited and Arawak Cement Company Limited Claimants And The State of Barbados Defendant And Rock Hard Cement Limited Intervener CCJ Application No. SLOJ2018/001 Between Rock Hard Distribution Limited Claimant And The State of Trinidad and Tobago Defendant And The Caribbean Community Defendant CCJ Application No. BBOJ2018/001 Between Rock Hard Cement Limited Claimant And The State of Barbados Defendant And The Caribbean Community Defendant
RULING Court composed of A Saunders, President, and J Wit, W Anderson, M Rajnauth-Lee and D Barrow, Judges


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  • 02
    July 2, 2019

    10:00 -13:00
    July 2, 2019

    Mr. David Brooks, a US Citizen, agreed to rent premises owned by Mr. Henry Newitt for his family vacation in December 2005. When he arrived at the premises he found that it was “unclean and uninhabitable” and so he requested a refund of all monies he paid in advance, which included both the rental fee and a 25% deposit. Mr. Newitt refused his request. The High Court found that the property was in good condition and that Mr. Brooks only wanted a refund because his wife was not satisfied with the arrangements. The court ruled that Mr. Newitt was entitled to both the rental fee and the 25% deposit. The Court of Appeal upheld the High Court’s decision. Mr. Brooks now appeals to the CCJ. Watch live: 




  • 18
    July 18, 2019

    10:00 -13:00
    July 18, 2019

    In August 2002, Neil along with another was charged for aggravated robbery of Sweet Kisses Bakery in Barbados. During the course of the trial, Neil absconded on bail and a Bench Warrant was issued for his arrest. The Judge proceeded with the trial in his absence with his co-accused. Neil was convicted and sentenced to 11 years and 9 months imprisonment. His co-accused was found not guilty. Neil appealed his conviction arguing that the verdict was unsafe and unsatisfactory. The Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal and affirmed the conviction. Neil is now seeking special leave to appeal. Watch live:




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Belize International Services is appealing a decision of the Belizean Court of Appeal after their claim was dismissed. They are suing the Government for $US 45 million in damages for an alleged breach of contract. View the hearing live today at 10:00 am AST at: ... See MoreSee Less

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